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Gwen CarsonWhat do you love? I really love when my two siblings are home and we go on adventures together, sleeping in, finding neat things at antique shops, cooking something delicious without a recipe, rescuing dogs.

What do you most enjoy learning about? I really like learning about new Do It Yourself projects, especially ones involving fabric. I like to learn about people’s stories and watching how animated people become. I also love learning American Sign Language; this is what I go to school for and really enjoy learning about this language and the culture that comes with it.

What makes you feel alive? I feel alive after a really good workout, laughing really hard, soaking up the sun or completing a hike.

What are you excited to come to camp? I’m excited to head back to camp for my second summer, I’ve really missed Berry Crumble, staff dance parties, Hose Time and the quiet moments at campfire.



Leah StallWhat do you love? I love being adventurous and seizing exciting opportunities for learning and growth. Expanding my knowledge and trying new things are one of my passions!

What do you most enjoy learning about? I most enjoy learning about the different ways people lead their lives around the world. It is always interesting to me discovering a completely different way of living and also noticing the similarities between peoples.

What makes you feel alive? Making it through a tough and challenging time in my life never fails to make me feel alive. There is not a more liberating feeling than accomplishing something you never thought was possible.

What are you excited to come to camp? I am excited to come for camp to foster new, meaningful relationships and watch them grow!



Carlson, Cody - pictureWhat do you love? I love sharing a real connection with people when we’re communicating.

What do you most enjoy learning about? I’m very interested in the way our gender has an impact on our emotional health. I’m also doing research on different kinds of therapies. I also value self-knowledge and love learning about myself, which is a big component of my leadership degree. You must know yourself in order to lead others.

What makes you feel alive? Mindfulness and compassion meditation makes me feel alive. Also, green tea!

What are you excited to come to camp? I’m excited to learn more about my own leadership style and develop it further throughout the summer.



Carly ArchWhat do you love? I love traveling and seeing new things, meeting new people and I love having fun.

What do you most enjoy learning about? What I most enjoy learning about is the new people that I meet, everyone is different and has different stories to share and I love learning about all the things that make then unique.

What makes you feel alive? Things that make me feel alive are watching the sun rise, singing camp songs around the fire, hiking to the top of a mountain, being happy and seeing others happy and laughing. I am SO excited to come camp this year, I cant wait to meet everyone and have the best summer ever!



CandisWhat do you love? I love my family, my two dogs Daisy and Bella, and my supportive other half Evan. I love traveling to new places to experience different cultures, a perfectly made cappuccino, and of course chocolate!

What do you most enjoy learning about? I am the definition of a nerd… I absolutely love everything to do with science, especially animals!

What makes you feel alive? I think that life is just a journey and that we should be constantly pushing ourselves to experience new things. I feel most alive when I am experiencing new things, places, or cultures for the first time.

Why are you excited to come to camp? I am looking forward to coming to camp and developing connections and relationships with such great campers and staff. Plus I am just a summer camp lover!



AllisonTaylorWhat do you love? Working on art in my pajamas, with a cup of tea and my cat by my side!

What do you most enjoy learning about? Anything and everything! I am addicted to podcasts and learn a lot from them (RadioLab is a favourite).

What makes you feel alive? A bike ride, or a long walk along the water.

What are you excited most about camp? Meeting friendly people ☺



Benjamin BambrickWhat do you love? Family, friends and outdoor sports.

What do you most enjoy learning about? I enjoy learning about new skills.

What makes you feel alive? When I’m volunteering or when I’m out on my bike.

Why are you excited to come to camp? To be able to work.


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