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Melissa McNeillWhat do you love? CAMP! Also, my girlfriends are a huge part of my life… don’t know where I would be without them. And of course, my family.

What do you most enjoy learning about? Child & Youth – it is a continuous learning field, always something new to discuss and learn about.

What makes you feel alive? Sitting on the camper deck in the morning drinking coffee with co workers and campers looking over the Bras d’Or lakes – Makes it all worth it.

Why are you excited to come to camp? This is my forth year at camp and really cannot imagine being somewhere else. There is not many places where you can wake up, put on your tie dye, have water fights, swim, canoe, and have some epic scavenger hunts. (Camp has all of this plus much more!) I am excited to welcome the new 2014 team and looking forward to a fantastic summer as always.



Rebecca DunphyWhat do you love? What I love is camp. All year long wait for June so I can head back to Orangedale.

What do you most enjoy learning about? I am a Costume Studies student at Dalhousie and I adore learning about the theatre and different styles or stitching techniques.

Why are you excited to come to camp? This will be my fourth year at Camp reachAbility and I cannot wait to get back. I’m so excited to see old campers and meet new ones, also to get to know all the new staff and enjoy a hopefully sunny summer.

Favourites: Now when it comes to my favorite things it is pretty easy to tell that camp is my favourite place. I used to attend the Orangedale camp when I was young and it was run by the YMCA. It has been my favourite place since I was 8.


Bill ThompsonWhat do you love? My friends and family, and being in the great outdoors ironically with my electronics.

What do you most enjoy learning about? I most enjoy learning about life.

What makes you feel alive? The thing that makes me feel alive is rising up to the challenge those times when you think I can’t do something but you know it needs done so you go ahead and keep on at it and eventually you succeed.

Why are you excited to come to camp? Everything about camp is exciting, from swimming in the lake, to swimming to the dining hall when it won’t stop raining. The best part though is the people you meet and the friends you make.



Adam JamiesonWhat do you love? Chocolate (even though I will tell you I dislike it), the fall (season), campfires, banana boats, acoustic music, every now and again the odd chick flick.

What do you most enjoy learning about? Chimpanzees, other cultures, communication and microwavable meals.

What makes you feel alive? Driving on the open highway in the summer with the windows down, surrounded by family and friends, meeting new people, jumping in freezing cold water even on the warm days.

Why are you excited to come to camp? This summer I’m so happy and excited to be joining the camp team. I cannot wait to meet so many new faces, try out some new experiences even if that means embarrassing my self a little bit, most importantly I want to make sure that the campers have the best experience of there life while there at camp. Lastly if there’s enough time I hope to make every one aware this summer of what a banana boat is.. if you like S’mores then your in for a treat.



Lyndsey RiversWhat do you love? Summer, campfires, travelling, volleyball, outdoors, animals, music.

What do you most enjoy learning about? I love learning about everything, especially about new things that I didn’t already know. I love to bake and cook so learning new recipes is fun and exciting!

What makes you feel alive? Sunshine, music and being with friends makes me feel alive.

Why are you excited to come to camp? I am excited to meet new people, build friendships and have a fun time!



Adriaan MakariakWhat do you love? I love spending time with my family and friends, laughing, singing and spontaneously dancing (sometimes in the rain).

What do you most enjoy learning about? I enjoy learning about human psychology and body language.

What makes you feel alive? Enjoying life and making others smile and laugh.

Why are you excited to come to camp? I’ve worked in a camp setting before and really enjoyed working with others. Camp is a wonderful place to make friendships and grow as an individual. I’m excited for Camp Reachability because it will be a new place to build lasting relationships and memories.



Brittany PyeWhat do you love? I love being outside! Mountain biking, running, hiking, soccer you name it. I also love being with my family and friends, especially playing with my two dogs and tossing a ball around with my 12 year old brother.

What do you most enjoy learning about? I am studying kinesiology in university, and I love learning about the different ways sport organizations run and the impact it can have on our lives. Sport is a universal language that can beat down barriers, and learning more about that gets me excited for the future!

What makes you feel alive? Being outside! I love being in nature, sometimes I would even just go sit in a park in Fredericton to study or do homework because it was so calming, peaceful and energizing. It was great to find a piece of paradise in the middle of a busy city!

What are you excited to come to camp? I have spent the past five summers of my life at camp. I started at MacLennan Memorial Camp, as a counsellor in training, then moved to Scotian Glen Camp as counsellor and, eventually, as program director. I am excited to spend this summer in Cape Brenton, on the Bras D’Or Lakes. I am also excited for the chance to meet an entirely new (to me) staff and set of campers! I cannot wait for this summer at camp to start and all of the fun and challenges that will come along with it!



Philipe FerlandWhat do you love? I love learning and having new experiences in life.

What do you most enjoy learning about? ANYTHING. I am the kind of person who would never pass off an opportunity to learn something. There is no such thing as useless information.

What makes you feel alive? Spending time outdoors during the spring. There is something about the warmth returning and everything coming back to life that is very uplifting and relaxing.

Why are you excited to come to camp? I’m excited to meet new people more than anything! I’m also excited to see what kind of activities we will all do and organize for the campers!



What do you love? I love being around friends and spending time doing new things that challenge me to try new and outgoing things.

What do you most enjoy learning about? I enjoy learning about how at times in history people have changed their lives to better themselves when the odds were against them.

What makes you feel alive? I feel alive when I am at the beach or outside when the sun is shining

What are you excited to come to camp? I am excited to return to camp to meet all staff and campers. Also, to gain new experiences and challenge myself.



Laura RudderhamWhat do you love? I love my family, friends and anything that’s cute, cuddly and walks on all fours.

What do you most enjoy learning about? I love learning about biology; animals, plants and all things living.

What makes you feel alive? Laughing! I feel most alive when I laugh so much that it hurts.

Why are you excited to come to camp? I am most excited about having fun outdoors while getting to know the camp staff and all of the awesome campers.



Maggie GillisWhat do you love? I love my family and friends. I love warm, sunny days. I love swimming. I love bonfires. I love camp!

What do you most enjoy learning about? I love learning about all things nursing!

What makes you feel alive? Adrenaline rushes! That feeling you get when your heart starts pumping really fast in response to an external stimuli.. yep, that always makes me feel alive whether I’m scared, excited, or lost! Being able to feel my heart beat inside my chest is an amazing way to make one feel alive!

Why are you excited to come to camp? I am returning to camp for the second summer as the medical counselor (or nurse, whatever you want to call me!) because I had a phenomenal experience last year! I think I talked about it so much that my friends and family are sick of hearing about it, but everyone needs to know how awesome Camp reachAbility is! I feel so fortunate to have found a summer job that I absolutely love that combines my two passions: nursing and working with people who have disabilities!



MacKinnon, Josh - picture cleanerWhat do you love? Sports, fitness, volunteering, music and hockey.

What do you most enjoy learning about? Politics and nature.

What makes you feel alive? Socializing, hockey and sports.

Why are you excited to come to camp? For the experience and interacting with all my fellow employees!


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