Wish List

Summer List

Please see list below to learn more about what items will be needed for this year’s summer camp experience:


  • Picnic Table
  • Wooden benches or chairs
  • Folding tables and Chairs
  • Plastic shelving – 2 or 3 shelves
  • Microwave stand
  • Small filing cabinet with lock
  • Outdoor Maintenance Storage Shed (Approx size 10ft x 10ft) – Camp reacAbility Orangedale, NS

Sports Equipment

  • Portable basketball net
  • Water Bouys and Line – Waterfront
  • Basketball mesh netting
  • Soccer Nets
  • Sporting equipment – ie: footballs, soccer balls, basket balls, frisbees
  • Basketball Post (pvc or metal) 16 ft length

Activity Supplies

  • Fire wood   (Orangedale and Paradise camps)
  • Gardening Tools ie: rakes, hoe
  • Gardening supplies: soil, small pots, gloves
  • Karaoke machine
  • Portable stereo
  • Arts and Craft Supplies ie: beads, costumes, paint
  • Umbrellas
  • Flash-lights and Batteries


  • Coffee Maker
  • Tea Kettle
  • Large Cutting Boards
  • Dish/Tea Towels
  • New Plastic dishes, bowls cups and utensils
  • Knife Set and Block for Kitchen

Maintenance Equipment

  • Whipper Snippers for Lawn Maintenance
  • Cordless Drill and Tool Set
  • Tool pouch/belt
  • Anti Slips Tape for building entries and stairs
  • Tools for carpentry classes (Dollar Store)
  • Bag of cement for installing post

Personal hygiene items– ie: deodorant, shampoo, toobrushes, toothepaste etc