A Typical Day At Camp

Here is a sample of a typical day at camp reachAbility.

Wake up Call – At camp we start our days nice and early to get a good jump on all the fun that is ahead of us! Don’t worry though you’ll have plenty of time to rub the sleep out of your eyes.
Breakfast – Make sure you get lots of cereal, pancakes and fruit so that you have tons of energy for…
Camp Wide Game – We’ll start most days off with a great camp wide game that everyone can participate in, whether it be “Newfie Golf” or Soccer Baseball.
Juice Break – Time for a break in activity for a nice snack and some juice!
Craft Time – We’ll have lots of different crafts to try, from making memory boxes to keep all the special things you get from camp, to picture frames to keep photos of all the new friends we’re going to make!
Siesta – Time to take a break from all the fun and adventure to relax in the cottage with all the other campers, play some cards, take a nap or write home, until it’s time for activities to re-start.
Campers Choice – You can have your choice of many of our different activities offered such as a cooking class or even a fashion show, there will be both high energy and low energy activities offered for everyone.
Snack Time – Let’s keep those energy levels up with more nutritious options!
Campers Choice pt 2 – A second group of activities different from the first will be offered including pool options like swimming lessons and water balloon fights.
Supper Time – Time for a BBQ or some delicious Pizza!
Night time activity – This is your time to really sit back and socialize with activities like a movie night, dance, campfire and talent show it’s really a great opportunity to make new friends!
Bed Time Preparations – Time for meds and teeth brushing and last minute showering for those who didn’t get the opportunity to do so during the morning or siesta.
Lights Out – It’s time to go to sleep and get ready for the next day filled with even more fun and activities.