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Tova’s Vlog – Spring 2015

CEO Tova Sherman brings you her spring vlog to talk about all the positive initiatives and announcements we’re looking forward to over the coming months. Happy Spring, everybody!

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To supporters of Camp reachAbility

ad Camp 2015

reachAbility was pleased to publicly thank our supporters and stakeholders for the Camp reachAbility program over the past four years.  The advertisement above, appeared in this past Saturday’s Chronicle Herald newspaper and we reprint it here, on our website, to further extend our gratitude for helping us deliver such an enriching and enjoyable program to so many.

It is also important that we take this opportunity to also reach out to you — our supporters, community and local business leaders — to again, remind you we are seeking partners to help us carry this program forward into 2015.

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Please Read and Share! – Funding Loss

Camp reachAbility sites located in Paradise, Annapolis County and Orangedale, Inverness County, Nova Scotia provide holistic, creative approaches to interventions in trauma reduction, social coping and self-discovery for disenfranchised individuals and youth at risk.

Camp reachAbility

reachAbility is devastated to announce:

On Friday, October 31, at 4 p.m. a letter was delivered to our office from Nova Scotia Department of Community Services, Family and Youth Services division.

It stated that despite excellence in service provision over the last 5 years, Camp reachability’s funding would end in 60 days! We had no notice, despite requesting meetings since August with Provincial representatives in order to identify innovative ways moving forward with camping.

We believe that this decision was made without proper evaluation of services or any opportunity to develop a transition plan.

We refuse to let down the over 1000 people directly affected, along with the local employees, campers (nearing 500 per summer) that join us from across Nova Scotia.

To date, we have reached out to Minister Joanne Bernard, Premier McNeil and Finance Minister Diana Whalen by sending a letter every day last week.

As of your receiving this announcement we have received no correspondence from any of the Ministers. With December fast approaching we feel our options are very limited – so we are reaching out to you, our stakeholders.

Please help us create a voice for Nova Scotians whose voice often goes unheard!

To find out more about the incredible work camp reachability does check out:

If you are interested in having your voice heard please sign our petition: CLICK HERE

Or send an email directly to:

For more information on how you could help please contact: or call 902.429.5878

reachAbility is dedicated to equalizing the playing field for citizens of all ages!

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That’s a Wrap!

Camp reachAbility has wrapped up for another year! Thank you to all our staff, volunteers and campers for making 2014 our most memorable camp season yet.

Start dreaming about camp for next year by watching this short video featuring our camp in Paradise, Annapolis Valley. Thanks to Gwen and Courtney for taking some time to speak about their experiences as Camper Care Coordinator and Camp Director. Also thanks to Amy, our abilityGarden coordinator, for hosting such a fantastic workshop on sprouting seeds at the camp, which is some of the footage featured here.

Also, feel free to check out the 2014 Camp Photo page. There you will find links to camp photos by week, hosted on Facebook so you can tag and comment away!

See you next year!

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Camp reachAbility is committed to offering individuals with cognitive and physical disabilities the best possible summer camping experience. In partnership with the Department of Community Services we are invested and excited to provide an exceptional residential camping service to individuals of all abilities, aged 12 years and older, free of charge. reachAbility campers are free to be! Just like anyone else.

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